Top 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Tiles

Are you just excited that you are creating a bathroom or remodeling the one in your home? Yes, one of the most important items you’ve got to consider is the tiles. But making the choice of a good and matching bathroom tiles could be a daunting task. Should you go for the contemporary and sleek or the natural and textured? Shiny or matt? Big or small?

Well, it’s definitely not the time to panic as there are essential tips that will help you narrow down what you really need to create your dream bathroom. Let’s get started!

#1: Choose a Stand Out Tile

Find a tile design that you really love. That’s one easy way to start choosing your bathroom tiles. It could be the shape, the color or even the pattern on the surface. You can make it your feature tile and can be used either as a shower enclosure or the accent on the walls. Your accent tiles should be determined by the stand-out tile.

#2: Choose Your Wow-Factor Feature

Imagine the first thing that catches your attention when you walk into your bathroom. Probably that gorgeous shower enclosure. Could it be the stunning free standing roll top? Whatever feature you find astonishing, you can then make your choice of the appropriate tile that will complement and enhance this feature.

#3: Consider Your Accent Tiles

Now, the next thing to consider is the accent tiles. These form a complement to the feature tile. You can go for something plain, neutral or simply textured to allow your stand-out tile to take the center stage. Avoid too many bold tiles in the room.

#4: Get Creative with Tile Layout

Even if you’re going for a simple tile, it shouldn’t be boring. You should be creative with it. Many different patterns can be created by utilizing the rectangular tiles or the metro styles in an interesting framework or layout. This will surely add something special and unique to the entire design. Your bathroom should be sparkling!

#5: Choose Your Floor Tiles

It’s time to consider your bathroom floor tiles. This will serve merely as complements to the already chose feature tile for your space. The latest trend is to create something a bit astonishing with a patterned floor if the wall tile is very simple or plain. You can consider checking out such bathroom tiles as Carreaux Metro bathroom tiles for this.

#6: Consider the Practicality of Finishes

It is important to consider the ease of cleaning your tiles when making your choice. Tiles with smooth surfaces will be easier to clean than those with heavily embossed patterns. It’s your choice to make.