Few Effective Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs at Home

Bed bugs are the most non-favourable parasites sucking the blood of living beings. These pests are mostly active during night hours. They infest the bed, its cover, mattress and are even present on carpets. Thus, the need to prevent them from infesting home furniture and clothing at home becomes essential.

Here are few preventive measures:

  • If you are planning to buy used furniture, it is best to buy from reliable sources. Make sure to check the furniture before it is transported to home. It will be helpful to ask the seller to spray effective pesticides on the furniture before they pack it to ship out.
  • If you have bought second hand clothes like curtains, bed sheets or even carpet, make sure to launder them before you bring them home.

  • It will be best to change the bed sheets, pillow covers and the bed cover every fortnight. It will be safe to spread and use only laundered bed cloth accessories.
  • Every few weeks it will be helpful to spread all the bed clothes, mattress and carpets under direct sun rays. If it isn’t possible, it is best to purchase a portable heating chamber to treat any bed clothes.
  • Vacuum your home, furniture regularly. Avoid clutter accumulation at home. Clothes unused kept in wardrobes need to be discarded soon. People having pets at home need to be more careful while cleaning home.
  • It will be best to seal the cracks and crevices around sockets of the wall and base boards as the wall gaps are the hiding spots of these pests.
  • Every fortnight spray nontoxic pesticide to destroy any pests lurking in the hidden spots of the bed chamber. Never use pesticides products whose composition aren’t known or there are chances of them spoiling your furniture.
  • Clean your carpets regularly as germs in them multiply fast because of the dust and dirt present in them. Thick furry carpets are best place for the pests to hide from human eyes.

Follow the guidelines provided on website of bed bugs exterminators like https://solutioncimex.com. You are sure to get effective tips to prevent bed bugs entering your home. The professional exterminators have helped numerous home owners to keep their home safe from such parasitic pests.

You can use customised protective covers over the bed mattress to protect the seams openings as well as not let the bugs to hide in the folds of the mattress. Thicker cloth used for the covers will provide more protection.